Red Christmas: The Tatsinskaya Airfield Raid 1942

By Robert Forczyk

In mid-December 1942, the Soviets had surrounded the German sixth military in Stalingrad however the Wehrmacht used to be engaged in a determined aid attempt with Operation wintry weather typhoon and an airlift. The Soviet Stavka moved to defeat either those German efforts to be able to make sure the fast destruction of the sixth military and to take care of strategic momentum. As a part of the hassle to defeat the airlift, the Soviet Stavka made up our minds to release a deep raid with the full twenty fourth Tank Corps to grab the airfield at Tatsinskaya, the first working base for the German airlift.

On 17 December 1942, the twenty fourth Tank Corps complex towards Tatsinskaya and seized the airfield on Christmas Eve. The Soviet tankers controlled to damage many Luftwaffe plane at the floor, yet afterwards came upon themselves remoted and out of gas at the back of German strains. Generalfeldmarschall Erich von Manstein quickly equipped a counterattack with components of 2 panzer divisions, crushing many of the raiding strength among 26-28 December. ahead of the raiding strength used to be annihilated, they obtained permission to desert their heavy gear and get away again to Soviet traces taking walks. therefore, the raiders complete their undertaking of critically disrupting the airlift to Stalingrad, yet on the price of decimating a complete tank corps.

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